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Giày da thời trang AS-009

(Model: AS009-002)
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  • Làm bằng da thật 100%, nói không với giả da
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*Màu sắc
Lượt xem: 6799      Đã có: 682 lượt mua thành công

Giá cũ: 750.000 Đ

Giá mới: 399.000 Đ

Đã tiết kiệm được: 351.000 VNĐ

Số lượng: 

Giày AS009 - kem sữa khuyến mại 50% 3 ngày duy nhất trong năm

Giày Da Thời Trang AS009 là mẫu đang bán chạy nhất hiện nay. Với chất liệu da thật 100%, phù hợp với nhiều mẫu thời trang trẻ hiện nay. Đế giày chống trơn chống trượt, giảm mòn đế, chất liệu nhẹ đi êm không có cảm giác đau chân. Đây là mẫu giày nam có dây hot nhất năm 2017 và dự kiến mẫu giày này sẽ hot đến tận 2018.

Với thiết kế kiểu dáng thể thao fom ôm chân, màu xác độc đáo và trẻ trung giúp bạn kết hợp đc với rất nhiều loại quần áo. Chất liệu được làm với độ bóng tự nhiên có khả năng chống bám bụi, chống thấm nước. Mỗi khi bẩn chỉ cần dùng rẻ mềm lau nhẹ, với các vết bẩn khó sạch có thể dùng cồn để lau. Với da thật 100% bạn có thể đánh si để tăng độ mới khi đã cũ sau khi đánh sẽ có độ bóng như mới.

Thông tin chi tiết:

Chất liệu  da bò thật 100%
Màu sắc  kem sữa - xanh ngọc
size  38,39,40,41, 42, 43
Bảo Hành  Bảo hành 12 tháng


  • Cam kết giày làm bằng da thật 100%.
  • Được bảo hành 12 tháng.
  • Mua Giày được tặng Tất khử mùi hàn quốc.
  • Miễn phí giao hàng toàn quốc
  • Giá luôn tốt nhất thị trường
  • Xuất xứ hàng Việt Nam chất lượng cao.

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địa chỉ: số 4 ngõ 91 ngách 91/20 nguyễn chí thanh - láng hạ - đống đa - hà nội. (đi từ ngõ 91 vào ngách thứ 3 bên tay phải)

hotline: 0969156234 - 0938453222

bản đồ đường đi:

 Cách chọn cỡ giày nam, đây có thể là ước lượng. Nếu bạn thường đi giày cỡ bao nhiêu thì sẽ không phải lo không vừa

Với bạn nào không nhớ hoặc không để ý có thể lấy thước đo chân để chọn cỡ giày kiểu dáng thể thao theo bảng dưới đây.


Giày size 38     Chiều dài bàn chân từ 23-23,8cm

Giày Size 39    Chiều dài bàn chân 24 cm

Giày Size 40    Chiều dài bàn chân 25 cm

Giày Size 41    Chiều dài bàn chân 26 cm

Giày Size 42    Chiều dài bàn chân 27 cm

Giày Size 43    Chiều dài bàn chân 28 cm


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Seek advice from the Health-related Information Bureau to determine if you have records with them. This can be a key info basic which has medical info that is discussed from the significant medical care insurance firms. It is possible to obtain a cost-free backup from then through the internet. Being aware what is on there is going to help you in your medical health insurance research.
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Talk to an unbiased insurance policy broker to find the correct policy for your needs. An unbiased dealer can make use of your expections with many different policies from several business. Instead of you merely getting a appointment from a single firm, you can get prices from many via this brokerage.
Asthma is a result of a number of activates, as a result the best way to avoid distressing strikes is to avoid them. These causes might be everything from plant pollen to animal head of hair so it is essential to search for professional help to determine the underlying lead to. Should this be not an choice for you keep an asthma journal, listing your routines prior to an assault to aid to determine the true cause.
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Should you suffer from heartburn and also you are pregnant, there are several actions you can take to protect yourself from it. Don't ingest plenty of liquids while you eat. You will need to consume 8 to 10 glasses of drinking water every day, only sip it involving dishes. Drinking excessive h2o at some point could cause your stomach to be distended.
Create an unexpected emergency fund. Try to a minimum of get 3 months of income preserved up in the substantial-generate savings account that you can gain access to very easily, just in case something goes completely wrong. A free account with six months of revenue is generally far better, but about three can, a minimum of, get you time to test to care for your problems.
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It is enjoyable to imagine you could improve your check out surgical treatment. However, there are numerous of facts you have to take care of to be able to possess a sleek surgery. Take advantage of the tips in this article to help get you ready for the event, and it is possible to help make the correct decisions.Surgical Treatment: Would It Be Good For You?
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When you reach an airport terminal and so are on your journey to pick up a lease auto, be sure to pick-up a roadmap and data concerning the region so that you will get it handy in case you go missing as soon as you exit the airport and are seeking the next spot.
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When searching for food, try to stick to the outside or throughout the corners from the retail store. Normally, this is where new produce is, and also the meats and dairy food. They are the items to adhere to in a healthy diet. By sticking to the border, you'll only purchase stuff that assist a balanced diet.
A good suggestion if you're thinking about being familiar with wine is to see as numerous vino tastings that you can. Wine tastings are fantastic since they let you experiment with all kinds of wines which can help you decide what you prefer and what you don't like.
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The most important thing to take into consideration when trying to get new insurance plans are to look about! On-line brokerages can have fantastic cost savings while they take the money they're not spending on business expense and turn it into reduced prices for you. A completely independent broker can examine firms for yourself and acquire you a great deal, too.
Alzheimer's disease is surely an incurable disease that results versions memory mainly because it continues. Alzheimer's condition most commonly results the brains of aging adults, resulting in their memories to fade away permanently. Not every aging adults who become occasionally forgetful have Alzheimer's sickness. This short article will give you some suggestions about what to look for if you believe it could be Alzheimer's.
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The information here are ideally assisting you to start to feel in a fashion that forces you to much more employable. Make use of them along the way via your task hunting procedure, in fact it is guaranteed to help. You can get a job in this economy, you just need to know where to start, and with a little luck this information has helped.Will Be Your Credit history Inside The Trash can? Try out These Suggestions For Straightforward Repair!
End putting junk to your entire body when you age for maximum health insurance and increased vitality! Although substances and synthetic ingredients are not good for people at every age, they are a better pressure to a aging entire body so take your sunglasses on the food market, read through all those labels and stop acquiring stuff with synthetic trash inside them that may only operate in opposition to you!
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Look for a handful of gaming blog writers you like. In case you have work, you happen to be probably not into games around you'd like to be. Game playing blog owners, even so, often times have much more time to delve into the business and pass on information for your needs. Writers can help you discover excellent online games and in addition enable you to physique them out as soon as you've got them.
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Into a a number of magnitude, be prepared to take your great pride. You might sense that you should only agree to a certain type of task, using a certain form of wage. Even so, most tasks can be better than no work, because you will still get expertise and references although functioning. Therefore, be flexible using what you are looking for.
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Thoroughly clean your property, a single space every day if possible, if you truly feel depressed. It is perfectly normal to have virtually no motivation when stressed out and this contributes to a messy home. This can be a vicious circle however, being a untidy home can lead to far more depressive disorders. Washing your property results in an better mood.
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In case your work or even your connection is what's creating the depressive disorders, you need to get out. Usually do not hesitate that the profession will likely be above or that you will damage somebody. In case you are in the awful circumstance which is damaging you, you should do what's right for you. It truly is as easy as that. Other individuals will only have to live with your final decision.
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There are several advantages to using only all-natural fertilizers inside your organic and natural back garden. These natural fertilizers like rich compost and natural and organic materials, help motivate animals like natural earthworms. Earthworms are organic tillers, they greatly improve your soil's problems by conditioning it, plus they assistance to make fantastic fertilizer to your back garden.
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Several university students desire to start off trying to find a task every time they begin their college or university occupation. Nevertheless, it will be smart to hang on a semester and discover the way your marks come out before you make the choice to have a work like a new job will take several hours clear of understanding.
You have to know that currency trading is a unstable industry where you could make or lose a lot of cash quickly. You will want very good mathematics skills and nimble determination-making. You will have to know specific phrases like "currency exchange sets" and "pip." All forex currency trading is completed electronically and moves very fast. If you have neural system of metallic and would like to try it--fasten your seat belt!
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An excellent hint to assist you to marketplace yourself on the web is to create your own user profile over a designed neighborhood group internet site. Simply fill in your projects background and get in touch with potential companies. It's one of the best strategies to group expertly.
Choose your meal and wine pairings meticulously. Normally, white colored red wine is suitable for light-weight dishes, salads or sea food. Reddish wine goes nicely with bulkier food and dark meats. The principle may be the bulkier or dark-colored the plate, the dark-colored the wines which you choose. For those who have developing a multi-study course meal, start out with white wine and improvement to red wine.
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Put appropriate tag to the Youtube videos. They are more likely to appear in searches related to your products or services. You could use keyword equipment to determine which key phrases are loved by your target market. Understand that your viewers will be more prone to share one thing when they find it related to anything they were looking for.
One of several measures that can be done to help ease back discomfort is always to enhance your core. Do sit down-ups and then any other form of exercising that may improve your stomach core, which actually will help alleviate your back pain. Be sure you do every single physical exercise effectively, although. You certainly do not wish to cause on your own a lot more soreness.
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Subscribe to notifications out of your visa or mastercard firm. Some companies supply them and they may be quickly delivered by means of electronic mail or text message. These signals tell you when you find yourself nearing your credit card restrict, while you are close to the expected day for your settlement or even, when believed fake routines have happened. They can help you to control your credit history efficiently.
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During specific times of the season, individuals who suffer from allergic reactions have allergic reactions to things inside their atmosphere. Should you be experiencing symptoms which you believe are based on contaminants in your atmosphere, consult your physician to try and determine the culprit. Taking over the counter solutions may possibly job to some degree, however you are more well off going to a doctor to give you advice on your issue.
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After every one of your site content, make a list of links in your past articles relevant to exactly the same topic. This enables a reader to instantaneously find more info on the website. The better men and women study and appreciate your site content, the more likely they are to return to your blog site.
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Step one to credit rating restoration is getting all of your monthly bills as a way and guaranteeing that they're all being paid for completely as well as on time. If you can't manage a expenses, terminate that item, if you can. Make an effort to lower your expenses to only facts you really need and can afford to pay for.
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Healthy skin care is not just about beautification and beauty improvement. Taking care of your skin can enhance your overall health thus making you feel much better about yourself, regardless of what you are about. The facial skin may be the body's most significant organ, and ignoring it may be utterly hazardous. Below are a few fast guidelines to help you take care of your skin better:
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